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Reddit users who experimented with this say the i Phone's notification pop-up has trouble displaying that particular line of code.

The device turns itself off so the machine won't completely crash. has not yet explained what's happening but said in a statement: "We are aware of an i Message issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters, and we will make a fix available in a software update." It's unclear if someone stumbled on this code by accident -- or was specifically looking for ways to wreak havoc.

We all know how to send an SMS or i Message to a group of friends: open up the Messages application and type in the name of the contacts you want to include in this group message.

This is fine if you want to send a text message to just a handful of contacts, but what if you want to send a message to 25 contacts for example?

We recently published a couple tutorials about this topic, in case you don’t know how to create contact groups: Note that the message will be sent as a Group MMS, even if recipients have i Message enabled.

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I have an i Phone 5s and 5c on the account, can I use both of those phones with Verizon or do I have to buy new phones? Do I have to remove sim card after I backup to i Tunes and put it in the new phone? Fifteen minutes later tried to turn it on to use it, and it was dead.A factory data reset clears all data and restores it to default settings and may help with: can't tap items on the screen, apps freezing/crashing/hanging, device freezes / locks up/ runs slow / won't charge/sync.My friend got a 5c, and something happened with it and she got a new one sent to her.The chassis is stronger, the camera sharper – with a new Harry Potter-esque way of capturing your snaps – and there's even a completely new way of interacting with the screen. But when it looks identical to the i Phone 6, people will be desperate to know if the i Phone 6S is enough of an upgrade to justify the price.While the upgrades seem great, is it worth going all the way up to the i Phone 6S, or would the 6 do?

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