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With some experience in that realm though, I can say that you have to lower your expectations when you move to another country to work. I ended up here originally due to a job and travel, of course.

It means the work culture, productivity, environment, and employee expectations will be different, and prepare to be surprised, just in case! As a young, single female, there’s that challenging perspective that I may be single forever here.

In Isaan when a girl is seen out with someone – especially a farang – they are dating.

The entire town or village will know before sunset.

He actively encourages Thai women to speak English and make foreign friends, while at the same time, he plays the role of older brother that defends Thai girls from bad farang playboys.

blog post, he teaches Thai women some phrases to deal with farang perverts.

And for someone with ambition who is striving to establish a career and find a direction to head in professionally, Bangkok is a launchpad. I feel that living in Thailand as a women is 100% different than it is for men!

In addition, the expat community here makes it easy to make friends and establish a social circle immediately. Besides the usual Bangkokian complaints: finding non-whitening toiletries that are reasonably-priced, eating clean, and the inability to loan a book from a library. Though it’s dependent on whether you’re single or attached.

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5) You’ll learn of each other’s different cultures and that is amazing In this blog post I detailed the first time I met her parents, in the countryside of Thailand. It could be harder if she was from Europe or something. Alden Tan is a writer who graduated from NUS and is now doing the whole “quit my job to follow a dream” thing as he blogs about honest and real stories.Besides exploring and traveling around this region, other interests include staying active via yoga, kickboxing or golf, I’ll do it all. But Bangkok, and Thailand in general, are wonderful places to discover or re-discover independence and a sense of self.The opportunities for travel, culture, and adventure are limitless.I’m a freelance writer and content strategist, working on projects that range from travel writing to journalism to content marketing for B2B companies.As a freelancer, my challenges are different than those who have come here for a job or to teach. I’ve been in Bangkok, the Sukhumvit area, for seven months now since January 2013.

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