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No Script sanitized it for me and blocked everything with the option to allow it. A: XSS stands for Cross site scripting, a web application vulnerability which allows the attacker to inject malicious code from a certain site into a different site, and can be used by an attacker to "impersonate" a different user or to steal valuable information.This kind of vulnerability has clear implications for No Script users, because if a whitelisted site is vulnerable to a XSS attack, the attacker can actually run Java Script code injecting it into the vulnerable site and thus bypassing the whitelist.

The will come to that complain page and will post his comments with different id and will states that it is not fake . SHe is continuing her activity for the last 7 years and making good services for innocent people.

So far I could not find any valid contact from Mumbai list, excluding some pimps, whos numbers are already published on internet. Govrnment should take action against openly they are selling this type of product, no one cares about it, great wonder, these people are clearly giving their Bank a/c no to deposit money.their bank a/c must be seized Yes i also deposited Cash money Rs 4000/ in there IDBI a/c Sandesh shetty no 190102000005685 on dt 13 march 2010 but till date no responce and now no mails from them god knows they are fake or right, even i have maild them scaned bank recpt of money.

Now, the only way to stop this fraud is to share these lists. If i dont get any reply i will inform to IDBI bank to seize the a/c full proff i will arrange to send bank.

I'm not actually finding an area to report things like this.

I just checked it out, looks like a bunch of potentially malicious scripts (XSS, Java, Flash, etc...) All I got was a blank page.

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