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One day, at wit's end and feeling sorry for himself, he meets someone who has actually read his book: a rather elegant looking Englishman who introduces himself as Luther Fox.

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Osteoporosis, literally meaning ‘porous bones’ is a condition in which your bones become brittle, fragile and prone to fractures.

Despite the lukewarm reception by the local and national media for this film, I found myself enjoying this rehash of Faust, tremendously.

It's a very old theme, but in here it is told very stylishly and with a lot of panache by director George Hickenlooper based on the screenplay written by Phillip Jayson Lasker.

See full summary » Byron Tiller, happily married with a young child, is a writer whose last novel has ended up in the remainder bins.

Down on his luck and struggling to make ends meet, he keeps bashing away, refusing to admit that perhaps he is not that good.

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