Outlook inbox updating over and over

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First let's agree that Unified Inbox is no more than a particular "VIEW" of your Inbox mails on different account. So we can resolve this by doing a simple global query: Workaround Solution: 1) Type the following in the search box: folder: (Inbox) received: (this week) 2) Press Ctr Alt A to or click All Mailboxes button (Outlook 2013) or All Mail Folders (Outlook 2010).

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Instant search will search multiple data files, but you need to create the instant search each time you want to use it.However, the mailbox size increases as more and more items are added.Due to this, Outlook struggles to provide a smoother access to user mailboxes and can eventually end up “Not responding”.Outlook Anywhere allows you to connect to Exchange even from outside of the corporate network via so-called “Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings”.Here you’ll find two options regarding fast and slow networks namely: On occasion, questions are being raised about what exactly is considered slow or fast and whether or not this threshold can be configured.

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