Validating microsoft office

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I have successfully blocked Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in for about 5 years on XP, Vista, and Windows 7.It is an update that makes loading and saving Office 2003, or Office 2007, files take at least 10 times longer than without it, and often much more. I assume the delay is based on the size of the file, since they claim they are scanning for stuff other than legal Office information.If you select "Uninstall Updates", on the listing of successful updates, you get a list of many updates which have been applied.(Most of which are not listed on the previous page's list of installed updates. ) That particular update, however, is not listed even though it shows on the previous page.To increase protection, Office File Validation can be configured to automatically block malformed files from being opened rather than giving the user a choice.

The test environment is fully patched as of May 19, 2011.

Two updated error messages for the Office File Validation feature in Office 2007 SP3 now provide more detailed information and options.

You will encounter these messages if you attempt to open files that are stored in Office binary file formats and if the files do not pass scanning and validation checks.

Validation rejects those product keys that have either been leaked widely or those key-generated to pass through activation but not validation.

Starting October 27, 2006, users of Office Update were required to validate the legitimacy of their Office software in order to download files and updates.

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